About Us

Hey this is Becca and Willi. Its our freshman year up in Utah. Willi goes to BYU and Becca goes to UVSC. We are having so much fun!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Wow It's Almost Over!

Well this has been a really fun year up here in Provo! We are both really glad to see the sun more often now that it's warming up. Yesterday both of us were really sad to find 5 inches of snow on the ground when we woke up. We are having a lot of fun and we're sad and excited that the semester is going to be over in about two and a half weeks! Sad because that means we are moving out and away from each other, but so excited to be done with school. This was a LONG and cold winter, I guess it was the worste Provo has seen in years. Becca is really looking forward to going back to beautiful Arizona, and spending time with friends and family at home and working during the summer. I am staying here in Provo and I will hopefully be getting a job as a dental assistant. I've had a few interviews as a result of sending my resume out, and some of them have been promising. We are loving our last few months living together, we have finally resulted to pushing our beds close together so we could spend more time together... haha. Its really just so we can talk easier and watch mary kate and ashley movies on Becca's lap top as we go to sleep. We have had some fun adventures lately, and I'll find some pictures to put up. The pictures of us fighting was a fight over orange juice. I also put some pictures up from Becca's birthday at the Mayan resaurant, thats why there are boys in loin cloths. On Saturday Willi and her friend Amber went to Zion's National park and went hiking so there are pictures from that. We had someone pull a prank on us and hang our bikes from the balcony above ours. fun.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Decorating

This is our awesome apartment! We decorated it so cute. It really feels like christmas now. Notice the snow outside the window..its beautiful! Oh and our fake fireplace that our stockings are hanging over. Guess which ones Becca's...


So its december 1st and we wake up to so much snow! This has never happened to us before! We were the first ones out there having snow ball fights and playing tackle football in the snow! If you notice above in the red cup we mixed snow and tang and drank it for breakfast! WE LOVE IT! The pictures below have nothing on us now!

Sunday, November 25, 2007



Well Its starting to look like christmas, a REAL white christmas. Heres a list of what I am looking forward to most
*The Christmas movies starting to play on T.V.
*Christmas music and decorations in EVERY store you go into.
*Buying presents for people I like!
*AND getting presents from people I like ;)
*Going home to see my family and friends!
*Putting up my christmas tree with my aweseome roomates
*Making Christmas cookies (thanks mom for the Burn kit you sent me for when I cook he he)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Halloween 2007

This is our awesome halloween adventures! I was richard simmons one weekend and at work and then on halloween night willi and I were both gangsters (me being the boy and willi being the girl) We went to this huge dance party on halloween night and danced the night away!

Our Christmas Pictures

So my roomates and I decided that we wanted to make christamas cards to send to our family and friends and since one of my roommates, annie, is starting a post card making buisness for one of her classes it was the perfect opportunity! So we went down by BYU's campus and our awesome friend ED took our family pictures! Look how pretty Utah is! There is actually a fall here and the trees are sooo pretty! If you want a christmas card sent to you let me know!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

So this last weekend we finally hiked the Y for our first time! it was so awesome. the hike was alot harder than we thought it would be and since the air up here is so thin compared to Arizona we get out of breath soooo easy but we did make it to the top and we did sit on the Y. I hiked it with my good friend Tony and Willi's cousin Chris and Chris' roomate Andrew oh and Willi of course! It was so pretty and fun!